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 Classes Started

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PostSubject: Classes Started   Classes Started EmptyWed Mar 10, 2010 4:21 am

Hi guild, geek geek geek geek

I'm sorry to have been less active in the last two weeks, my classes started and my laptop is broken... so malaquita and me are using the same computer, for these reason when i'm playing, she's not.... and when malaka is playing, i'm not... when we're online, usualy we're afk in stall, NSS farm, lv up ship....

In the weekend we're lv up our another char for make reputation, therefore credits, and doing a free lunch.... in free lunch time we have 4 accounts online and we can not do much of anything, else is the internet in malaquita's house on weekends only works well in the morning or evening (8pm at 7am in server time - 10pm at 9am in Brazil)....

I am one of the next in the list of the Bible, so i'll keep myself informed about this for not prejudice nobody.... i'll try help to get biblie in the next friday, saturday and sunday... the weekend is best for me...

I'm also keeping myself informed about guild events in forum, so when guil needes help for kill bosses, pliz report in forum, maybe me or malaquita can help with sea voys or with our main char.....

Finally the most important, I need to devote to my course and malaquita too.... but everything that guild need we'll try to help whenever we can in any way possible.... it is a way of saying thanks for all the help we have received so far...

P.S: malaquita not talk much because her English is bad, but she is trying to improve it.....

any question please tell me....

hugs to all afro afro afro
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Classes Started
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